Optimum Invest SAL abides by the highest standards of corporate governance set forth by the board of directors and in line with local laws and regulatory requirements. The implementation of the corporate governance framework is the responsibility of the management board and senior corporate governance officers while oversight remains within the jurisdiction of the board of directors. 

The management board recognizes the importance of implementing a sound, transparent and efficient governance framework for the purpose of securing the proper completion of the day-to-day management of corporate affairs. The management board also attaches a high importance to putting in place the needed operational infrastructure allowing a full and flawless oversight from our board of directors. 

Optimum Invest SAL firmly believes that the backbone of good governance at the company lies in a properly adapted and modern organizational structure that allows for all control and governance functions to operate with total independence from other operational and business functions. 

Ensuring the independence and objectivity of the risk, compliance, anti-money laundering, internal audit and other control functions allows for the promotion of a strong compliance and ethical culture across the firm and empowers the people responsible and in charge of steering the company into full compliance with laws, regulations and anti-money laundering best practices.

Control and governance leaders work closely with senior management on the implementation of the firm’s corporate governance framework and work in close cooperation and have direct access to the specialized board committee members and chairmen on all governance related matters. 

The board of directors forms specialized risk, internal audit and anti-money laundering committees whose chairmen are independent directors to ensure that officers entrusted with governance oversight roles are provided with the appropriate support to fulfill their duties. 

Specialized board committees in charge of overseeing control and governance activities are mandated with presenting the board of directors with their independent and objective evaluation of corporate governance standards at the firm. 

Optimum Invest SAL firmly believes that a well-adapted and well executed governance framework safeguards the firm’s reputation and prevents day to day operational flaws from undermining the effectiveness of corporate governance policies and their ensuing implementation.